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Old Home Place

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2011-09-08, The Ranch,

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In The Arms Of The Lord

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Half Time Love

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Band Discovery

The members of Grandview Junction have been playing together since May of 2005. They like their songs to be in tight harmony. They also like the high lonesome sound and fast paced speed of bluegrass music. They have written a number of their own bluegrass and gospel songs.

Susan Key plays bass and adds some vocals. Tim Key, Susan's husband, also plays a number of instruments, playing banjo, fiddle, guitar and adding his lead vocals, and harmony, to Grandview Junction. He has written a number of songs. He and Susan live in Paoli, Indiana. Tim and Susan previously owned a music store. Tim now teaches private and group music lessons to many students, young and old alike.

Dan Musselwhite puts the driving rhythm on the guitar, while Linda Musselwhite adds her lead vocals and harmony to complete the three part harmony of Grandview Junction. She and Dan live in Jasper, Indiana, and are retired from the Jasper School system. Linda taught piano lessons for 25 years. She is also the chief cook and bottle washer for the groups many practices at her house.

Larry Wahnsiedler plays mandolin, sings lead vocals, and has written a number of songs. He lives in Owensboro, Kentucky. Having just retired, he can devote more time to his music. Larry's wife, Michele, is the manager of the band.

The members of Grandview Junction enjoy playing at the many festivals around Southern Indiana and Northwest Kentucky. A good time is had by all.

Be sure to check out our many videos on our You Tube Channel.

For bookings, contact any of the band members, by phone, or email. We would love to play and entertain you with our music.

Be sure to check out our calendar, for our playing schedules, so you can attend one of our performances in your area. And make sure you come by to tell us, "howdy". 

Contact info:

Grandview Junction:

Susan Key:

Phone: 812-653-3311

Tim Key:

Phone: 812-653-3311

Dan Musselwhite:

Phone: 812-639-3283

Linda Musselwhite:

Phone: 812-639-3283

Larry Wahnsiedler:

Phone: 270-683-5894

Michele Wahnsiedler:

Phone: 270-929-6674

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