Grandview Junction Bluegrass-Gospel Band

Bluegrass/gospel: a much gentler type of music, music for the common people.

Grandview Junction's CDs

We now have four CDs of our music.  The first one has a lot of our original songs on it.   The second one is a live gospel CD, and the third one is a live performance at the Mitchell Opera House.  The fourth one is our newest gospel Cd, recorded in a studio.

We practice hard to make our music the best it can be.  We hope you enjoy our three part harmonies.  We love to sing and entertain anyone interested in our bluegrass and gospel music.

Grandview Junction Original CD

This was our first recorded CD, containing a lot of our original songs.  There are 12 songs in all.

Price:  $10.00 + $2.50 Shipping

This is the back of our first CD, showing the titles of all 12 songs.


This is a live recording of all gospel songs, performed in a church in Owensboro, Kentucky.  It contains 16 songs.

Price:  $10.00 + $2.50 Shipping

Here is the back cover of Old Crossroads, Songs Of Faith, showing all 16 songs on this recording.

"Live At The Mitchell Opera House", is a two set CD, recorded live at the Mitchell Opera House, in Mitchell, Indiana.  It's a very old theater, and we love  performing there.  There is a total of 31 songs on this two set CD.  

Price:  $15.00 + $2.50 Shipping

Here is a listing of the 31 songs on this CD.

This is our most recent gospel CD, recorded at a studio in Huntingburg, Indiana.  There are 11 gospel songs on this CD.

Price:  $10.00 + $2.50 Shipping

This igospel CD.

To purchase, or inquire about our CDs, please contact Dan Musselwhite at  Thanks.

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